SUPA MASS 4kg Chocnut

TNT Mercury Super Mass (4.2kgs)

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SUPA MASS is a high calorie meal replacement designed to assist individuals with high metabolic function an calorie expenditure that are unable to get in sufficient calories and nutrients needed to build muscle. Irrespective of how hard you train if you are unable to feed your body with sufficient calories and nutrients to flourish and recover it will simply not build more muscle no matter how hard you may try.

The single most critical component of muscle mass gain is dietary reliant. By getting in the correct macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) to suit your objective you will derive up to 80% of your progress from diet. In order to attain the needed calorie dense regimen required to gain muscle mass an individual must have a consistent supply of specific nutrients throughout the day. The high calorie requirement for hard gainers is often too difficult or time restrictive to get from solid food. SUPA MASS provides hard gainers with an easy to drink tasty solution to getting in the much needed calories with the correct blend of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

SUPA MASS delivers calories efficiently during times of the day when it is critical to replenish glycogen reserves and top up in crucial muscle building amino peptides derived from quality proteins. This allows hard gainers to maintain a positive nitrogen anabolic environment.

SUPA MASS caters for individuals who often have such fast metabolisms that they battle to make any noticeable gains from a regular diet. The hard training will yield no noticeable result if the body is not able to satisfy its daily caloric needs and protein requirements. By using SUPA MASS along with a intense training regimen and high protein daily diet plan you will be satisfying your bodies need for nutrients in order to build muscle and function at its best.

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Choc Nut, Chocolate Mouse, White Chocolate

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